Plastimer Group of Companies

World Class Provider of Plastic Products and Services in the Philippines Plastimer has been operating for 42 years since its establishment in September 21, 1972. Living up to its goal of being the leading provider of globally competitive plastic products and services, the company continually earned its ISO certification: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in […]

Philippine Resins Industries, Inc. (PRII)

Philippine Resins Industries, Inc. (PRII) – a commitment in providing for high quality resins to the domestic market The Philippine Resins Industries, Inc. (PRII) provides the Philippines domestic market with its state-of-the-art technology in producing for high quality grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins. But aside from producing five grades of suspension-type PVC resins, which are […]


Establishing in the Philippines Starting its business operations since 1965, SteelAsia has continued expanding its production, from 279,000 tons of rebar produced in 2006 to 1.2M tons in 2013, capturing nearly half of the rebar market share in the Philippines. Rebar is seen as an important backbone component of a growing economy with a steadily […]

Amaia Land

INVESTING IN THE PHILIPPINES Amaia Land is the economic residential developer that caters to the broad affordable market. It is part of the Ayala Land umbrella, a multi-segment developer that specializes in residential spaces in the Philippines. Much like its sister companies (Ayala Land Premier, Alveo, Avida, and BellaVita), Amaia Land is a fairly new […]

Triboa Bay Living

Triboa Bay Living by Vivere Lifestyles Co. Inc is a high end indoor furniture and lighting brand primarily working with wood and raw finishes based in Angeles, Pampanga. Known for its simple and warm designs, Triboa Bay Living combines resort-inspired ambience with a touch of unassuming luxury. Managed by Vivere Lifestyles, the Triboa Bay Living […]

Pacific Traders & Manufacturing Corporation

Pacific Traders & Manufacturing Corporation has been producing quality furniture for more than 40 years. Founded in August 23, 1973 by Hugo C. Streegan Jr., Pacific Traders started as traders and exporting rattan poles to the production of timeless furniture pieces. Pacific Traders exports primarily to the Middle East, Japan, South America, Australia, United States […]

Mehitabel Incorporated

Mehitabel Inc. is a leading family-owned furniture company based in Talamban, Cebu City, Cebu and has been in business for more than 65 years. Founded in 1947 by Maria Montenegro de Aboitiz, Mehitabel has grown from a small enterprise to a mid and high-end furniture company with international clients such as Ralph Lauren and McGuire […]


Dedon is a German furniture company specializing in high-end, high-quality, handcrafted and outdoor living pieces made from synthetic, rattan-like Dedon Fiber. Established by former Bayern-Munich goalkeeper Bobby Dekeyser in 1990, Dedon has grown from a handful of family and friends working together to a multinational corporation with over 1,000 workers worldwide. With a fiber factory […]

Betis Crafts Incorporated

Betis Crafts Incorporated is a high-end furniture manufacturing company focusing on woodcarving and gold leafing based in Guagua, Pampanga. Originally producing furniture components in the backyard of company founder and Philippine furniture icon Myrna Bituin, the company has grown dramatically and is now synonymous with the fine wood furniture from Pampanga. Established in 1972, Betis […]

Toyota Motors Philippines Corporation

Toyota Motors Philippines Corporation is the largest automotive company and market leader in the country. Incorporated on August 3, 1988, Toyota Motors Philippines has been in the country for over 25 years and is a joint venture of GT Holdings, Inc., Toyota Motor Corporation, and Mitsui and Co. Ltd. For 12 years, Toyota Motors Philippines […]

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation, a major consolidated subsidiary of Japanese automotive giant Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, is the longest staying automotive company in the country, celebrating 50 years in 2013. Established as Chrysler Philippines Corporation on February 20, 1963, the company sells over 16 types of vehicles in the Philippines: from passenger vehicles such as the […]

Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing Incorporated

Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing Incorporated is the largest wiring harness manufacturer in the Philippines, and likewise the Top Exporter of Automotive Parts. Established in 1974, Yazaki-Torres is a joint venture of the Yazaki group of Japan and the Torres family of the Philippines. The Yazaki-Torres group operates four production facilities in Lipa City, Batangas and Calamba City, […]

Phelps Dodge

Establishing in the Philippines In 1955, amidst a boom in the Philippine economy, the Andres Soriano Corporation (ANSCOR) forged a partnership with Phelps Dodge International Corporation (PDIC). The merger brought together a common goal between the two corporations to provide the highest quality standards in electric wire and cable products manufactured in their plant located […]

Mabuhay Vinyl

Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation (MVC) is the first and largest chlor-alkali producer in the Philippines. It is the Philippines’ leading manufacturer of caustic soda and hydrochloric acid and the only company that produces chlorine for commercial purposes. Also, the company supplies more than 50% of the country’s requirement for sodium hypochlorite. Investing in the Philippines MVC […]

Philippine Utility Vehicle Incorporated

Philippine Utility Vehicle Incorporated (PhUV) is the business arm of the Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturers Association of the Philippines and is an umbrella organization of companies and institution pioneering the electric vehicle industry in the Philippines. Since 2007, PhUV has been working on increasing the supply of eJeepneys or E-Jeeps, rechargeable electric versions of the […]

Mariwasa Siam Ceramics

INVESTING IN THE PHILIPPINES Mariwasa Siam Ceramics, Inc., an affiliate of the Thai conglomerate Siam Cement Group (SCG), is the biggest ceramic tile manufacturer in the Philippines. Registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in December of 1994, the company sells floor and wall tiles and as part of its customer service, provides orientation to […]

Chemrez Technologies, Inc (CTI), bringing the best out of Cocobiodiesel

Chemrez Technologies, Inc (CTI), bringing the best out of Cocobiodiesel Chemrez Technologies,Inc (CTI), is a leading oleochemical company in the Philippine and one of two pioneering companies in the production of coconut methyl ester (CME) for biodiesel use. Chemrez has been in the forefront of the cocobiodiesel development since the concept of biodiesel was introduced […]

Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corp

Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation (Roberts AIPMC) is homegrown company specialized in manufacturing a wide array of automotive components. Roberts AIPMC was founded in 1993 as part of the RGC Group of Companies, which has diversified interests in foam products, plastics, textiles, and automotive and industrial parts. As part of the RGC Group […]

Moog Controls Corporation

Moog Controls Corporation is a global American company specialized in the design and production of precision motion control products and systems. Established in 1951, the company is recognized for its high performance systems in the aerospace industry and industrial machinery. Set up in 1985, the Moog facility in Baguio, Benguet Province, has grown from 24 […]

Famous Secret Precision Machining Incorporated

Famous Secret Precision Machining Incorporated (FSPMI) is a machining company specialized in supplying critical and high quality components. Established in 1994 as a manufacturer of simple components for bicycle and liquefied petroleum gas tanks with one CNC machine, the company has expanded to 250 CNC machines operated by over 400 engineering professionals and operators in […]