Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing Incorporated

Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing Incorporated is the largest wiring harness manufacturer in the Philippines, and likewise the Top Exporter of Automotive Parts.

Established in 1974, Yazaki-Torres is a joint venture of the Yazaki group of Japan and the Torres family of the Philippines.

The Yazaki-Torres group operates four production facilities in Lipa City, Batangas and Calamba City, Laguna, with three plants in Calamba City, Laguna designated as a special economic zone by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority.

The company produces 3,700 products (representing the different kinds/variants of wiring harnesses) and exports 97% of its production to overseas markets, primarily the United States, with customers such as Ford, Toyota, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Fuso, and Nissan.

Investing in the Philippines

Mr. Feliciano Torres, President of Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing, explains that the Yazaki group invested in the Philippines based on the partnership between the Yazaki and Torres family which goes back more than sixty years.

“[Mr. Yazaki invested in the Philippines] for two reasons. [First] my father had been dealing with Mr. Yazaki since 1953. [Second] the Philippines was the first export market of Yazaki products and Mr. Yazaki’s first trip outside Japan was to the Philippines. The relationship between Mr. Yazaki and my father was very close,” Mr. Torres explains.

Originally a trading firm importing automotive gauges from Japan for jeeps in the Philippines, the Yazaki-Torres partnership has grown into one of the most successful Filipino-Japanese joint ventures through Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing Incorporated.

“We were successful with importing Yazaki products…Mr Yazaki trusted my father very much and [we showed] that we can do business well… that few months after my father’s untimely demise on January 1973, Mr. Yazaki talked to me and together with my family, we proceeded to build a factory in the Philippines, in reverence to the shared dream and vision that           Mr. Yazaki had with my father.”

The company credits its success to the strong relationship it has developed with the local community and its employees. As Mr. Torres says, “We tried from the very beginning to take care of our people. We started the company right.”

Yazaki-Torres also appreciates the professionalism of the Philippine government.

“We have not had any problems with the government. The Department of Trade and Industry Board of Investments has been very helpful since the beginning. The Philippine Economic Zone Authority is also very professional,” Mr. Torres says.

Enhancing Business Operations in the Philippines

With their continuing success in the industry and in expectation of more domestic demand for automobiles, Yazaki-Torres is looking forward to continuing and enhancing their operations in the Philippines.

Mr. Torres explains that the company has been around for 40 years and is now preparing for further growth.

“Our main thrust is to go beyond 50 years. We are [celebrating] 40 years [in business]. We are now making our organization ready to go beyond 50 [years].”


For more information on Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing Incorporated, visit http://www.yazaki-group.com/.