Moog Controls Corporation

Moog Controls Corporation is a global American company specialized in the design and production of precision motion control products and systems.

Established in 1951, the company is recognized for its high performance systems in the aerospace industry and industrial machinery.

Set up in 1985, the Moog facility in Baguio, Benguet Province, has grown from 24 employees to over 1000 employees spread across its 7.5 hectare campus inside the Baguio Special Economic Zone.

From its Baguio production facility, Moog produces servo actuators, servo valves, and gears for commercial aircraft and exports these to its customers worldwide.

Investing in the Philippines

Mr. Paul Delgado, managing director for Moog in the Philippines, explains that the decision to invest in the country, and Baguio in particular was due to a set of conditions that were favorable for founder William Moog.

“Will Moog was a visionary. He thought that it would be an advantage to have a presence in South East Asia. On a visit in the 1980s, he chose Baguio because he enjoyed the climate, and it’s a university town. It helped that the Philippines has highly educated, English-speaking people with an affinity for Americans.”

This abundance of talent has helped Moog grow over the years and is key to its successful operations in the country.

According to Mr. Rey Balanon, Moog’s operations manager in Baguio, “When we post for a job, we have difficulty in screening all of the applications for a position. We have that luxury and it’s one of the reasons we’ve stayed for more than 3 decades”.

The company also attributes its positive experience in Baguio through the support of the Philippine government through the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) and its initiatives to streamline government transactions, and industry support for covered companies.

As Mr. Delgado put it, “PEZA is excellent. It is a very well-run organization. It is very professional and very efficient. You can depend on PEZA” 

Enhancing Business Operations in the Philippines

Anticipating more demand for aircraft, Moog continues to enhance its business operations in Baguio with several expansion projects in the pipeline and as Mr. Delgado explains, Moog continues to invest in the Philippines because of economics of scale and experience in Baguio.

“Moog has a solid presence in Baguio. We have a skilled workforce and the manpower. The Philippines is competitive in skills and we are happy here. Baguio is a great success. [Being here] has allowed us to grow our business.”


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