Famous Secret Precision Machining Incorporated

Famous Secret Precision Machining Incorporated (FSPMI) is a machining company specialized in supplying critical and high quality components.

Established in 1994 as a manufacturer of simple components for bicycle and liquefied petroleum gas tanks with one CNC machine, the company has expanded to 250 CNC machines operated by over 400 engineering professionals and operators in its 3.5 hectare facility in Silang, Cavite.

With affiliates in aluminum die casting, forging and cast iron firms, FSPMI’s wide range of capabilities include specialized machining in titanium materials, aluminum, forged steel, casting, and stainless steel for customers such as Toyota/AICHI forging, Sumitomo Nacco, Honda, Kawasaki, VANS Light Sport Aircraft, MOOG Controls, and other Original Equipment Manufacturers across the world.

FSPMI’s core products include light sport aircraft parts and body/wing assemblies, machining of automotive engine and under chassis parts, brake drums and disks, motorcycle engine and body parts, power drive trains, and other industrial parts.

The company is ISO certified and is working on its AS 9100 and Aero Space Certification.

Forward Thinking

Mr. Dennis Chan, president of FSPMI, explains that the company heavily invested in high technology, in order to be the manufacturer of choice in the green fields aerospace and to be a tier 1 auto parts supplier for the automotive industry in the Philippines and ASEAN.

With only a few manufacturers in the country equipped with the level of technology of FSPMI, Mr. Chan explains, “I wanted to do business where not a lot of people want to get into. Very few people enter into the [precision parts] industry because of the high level of capital and skills needed”.

By taking risks in purchasing machines before OEMs were looking at the Philippines, FSPMI was able to secure demand for precision parts with higher quality and lower costs than many other ASEAN firms.

Enhancing Business Operations in the Philippines

In anticipation for increased demand in the country, Mr. Chan explains that FSPMI is now prepared to handle more business by upgrading its capabilities and facilities.

“There is no way but up [in this industry]. Our plant is gearing up in preparation for the next five years”.


For more information Famous Secret Precision Machining Inc., please visit: http://www.famoussecret.com.