Dedon is a German furniture company specializing in high-end, high-quality, handcrafted and outdoor living pieces made from synthetic, rattan-like Dedon Fiber.

Established by former Bayern-Munich goalkeeper Bobby Dekeyser in 1990, Dedon has grown from a handful of family and friends working together to a multinational corporation with over 1,000 workers worldwide.

With a fiber factory in Germany and furniture production facility in Cebu, Philippines, Dedon combines the best of Western technology and designs with the weaving skills and craftsmanship of Filipinos.

As the furniture are manufactured in Cebu, Dedon exports its signature pieces to over eighty countries, with partners such as decorated designers Philippe Starck, Jean-Marie Massaud, and photographer Bruce Webber.

Doing Business in the Philippines

With an idea of producing rattan-like furniture out of Dedon fiber, Bobby Dekeyser travelled to the Philippines in the early 1990s to find the best rattan craftsmen in the world.

After a few years of learning how to make furniture in Cebu, the company has transferred its manufacturing operations, contracting factories in Thailand and China.

In 2000, Dedon has returned to the Philippines to open its own manufacturing facility and stayed in Cebu with no plans of leaving again.

According to Vince Lampert, managing director of Dedon in Cebu, “The company came back to Cebu for three reasons: the craftsmanship of the Cebuanos, the [English] language skills, and the warmth of the people”.

For Dedon, the hard work and hospitality of the Filipino people fit well with Dedon’s company culture, allowing them to enjoy operating in the Philippines.

Mr. Lampert explains, “We call our workers [as] ‘partners’. They contribute to the success of this company.”

With the full support of its people, Dedon is growing and boosting its efficiency to maintain its price competitiveness and production capacity in Cebu.

As Mr. Lampert explains, Dedon’s past as well as future is tied closely to its operations in Cebu.

“This was where Dedon first started making furniture. We love being here. The Philippines feels like home,” he says.


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