Betis Crafts Incorporated

Betis Crafts Incorporated is a high-end furniture manufacturing company focusing on woodcarving and gold leafing based in Guagua, Pampanga.

Originally producing furniture components in the backyard of company founder and Philippine furniture icon Myrna Bituin, the company has grown dramatically and is now synonymous with the fine wood furniture from Pampanga.

Established in 1972, Betis Crafts now employs 300 highly skilled workers and has seven satellite factories in Concepcion, Tarlac, producing 3500 pieces per month.

With major partners such as And-So-To-Bed, Betis Crafts products range from chairs and beds to cabinetry and wall furnishings for clients in the Middle East, the United Kingdom and the United States.

A Company of Filipino Craftsmen

As Mrs. Myrna Bituin explained, the company is founded upon the skills of the local craftsmen in her hometown of Guagua.

“I named the company ‘Betis’ because the area of Betis in Guagua, Pampanga is known as a center of expertise in woodworking and craftsmanship. And ‘Crafts’ because that’s the nature of the industry, craftwork,” she says.

The company’s success is built upon the quality of their products and strong support by the government, banks, and foreign partners for the burgeoning furniture industry in Pampanga at the time.

“We had success through grants…A UNDP [United Nations Development Program] project allowed Betis Crafts to take off because it allowed the company to meet the right buyers and after a JETRO [Japan External Trade Organization] project helped us with the proper drying of timber…we have been properly assisted by banks as well, especially after [the eruption of] Mt. Pinatubo,” Ms. Bituin explains.

“An EEC [European Economic Community] project introduced us to European buyers and we are still working with them. Also, Government assistance from the Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Science and Technology, Center for International Trade Expositions and Mission, and the Design Center of the Philippines has all been a big help in improving our marketing and technical skills,” she relates.  

Enhancing Business Operations

Looking to the future, Betis Crafts aims to continue producing high-end high quality furniture for their discerning customers by improving product development, better branding, and strengthening the company’s upholstery components and skills.

To meet the needs of their customers and boost future production, Betis Crafts is working towards consolidating their production facilities into one site as well as the continuing training and education of its skilled workers.

According to Mrs. Bituin, “our growth goes together with our people. We survived all these years because we were working on [products for] the high-end market. Also, we believe in [the idea that] you need to inspire your workers to appreciate what you’re doing.”


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