Roadmap Localization

The Roadmap Localization program is a continuation of DTI’s efforts to communicate to stakeholders the opportunities and challenges for the Philippines in the advent of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015. The activity targets to expand DTI’s AEC advocacy with emphasis on the localization of industry roadmaps.

With concerted efforts and well coordinated actions among industries, regional government offices and local government units across the different parts of the country, the forum brings together various stakeholders from the regions to focus on strengthening manufacturing at the local levels and discuss ways to address the challenges to the growth of industries and development of industry clusters vis-à-vis AEC competitiveness and collaboration.

Specifically, the program aims to update stakeholders on DTI’s industry development programs and AEC initiatives; deepen awareness of local industries and government agencies of the importance of industry roadmaps for regional and national competitiveness and in the context of AEC; and encourage regional stakeholders and relevant agencies to formulate their own regional roadmaps that are aligned and strongly linked with the national industry roadmaps and consistent with the country’s new industrial policy.

The activity includes a presentation on the country’s new industrial policy, putting these in the context of enhancing national competitiveness and the advent of the AEC, followed by a discussion of the potentials and challenges for industry development in the regions; a strategy for the agribusiness industry; and a consideration of specific industries relevant to the regions.

Entitled “Industry Roadmaps and the AEC Gameplan: Regional Roadmaps for Competitiveness“, three (3) multi-stakeholder conferences have been conducted consecutively in IloIlo (Region VI), Cebu (Region VII), and Davao (Region XI) in November and December 2014.  Hundreds of stakeholders from local industries, exporters, SMEs, local and regional government agencies and development councils, and members of the academe and media participated in the series of conferences.

The Roadmap Localization continues in 2015 and will be held in various regions of the country.