Manufacturing Resurgence Program

In pursuit of the Philippine government’s goal of achieving inclusive growth, the Department of Trade and Industry is implementing the Manufacturing Resurgence Program (MRP). The MRP aims to rebuild the existing capacity of industries, strengthen new ones, and maintain the competitiveness of industries with comparative advantage. It also seeks to build-up agriculture-based manufacturing industries that generate employment, and support small-holder farmers and agri-cooperatives through product development, value-adding, and integration to big enterprises for marketing and financing purposes.

Based on the Manufacturing Industry Roadmap (MIR), the MRP targets to close the gaps in industry supply chains, provide access to raw materials, and expand domestic markets and exports for Philippine manufactured products. The key goal is to enhance the competitiveness of domestic manufacturing industries so they can be integrated in higher value-added, ASEAN-based production networks and global value chains. At a general level, this goal can be achieved by (1) addressing horizontal issues such as smuggling, high cost and lack of reliability for power, high cost of transport and logistics, and ensuring a competitive exchange rate; (2) resolving vertical issues such as supply chain gaps, market share expansion, human resource development, integration of small- and medium-scale enterprises, and innovation; and (3) providing a coordination mechanism for inter- agency collaboration.


The DTI implements the MRP in coordination with key government agencies, including the Board of Investments, Department of Labor and Employment, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Energy, Department of Agriculture, Commission on Higher Education, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority, National Electrification Administration, National Power Corporation, and the Philippine Coconut Authority.

Among the programs being implemented by these agencies are the Industry Development Program, SME Roving Academy, Micro Enterprise Development Program and Industry Cluster Development of the DTI, various R&D and S&T programs of the DOST, Amendment of the Labor Code and Labor Law Compliance and Incentivizing System by the DOLE, various Energy Resource Assessments by the DOE, and the Agro-Industrial Hubs of the PCA.