DTI-DPWH partnership aligns infra, industrial development

MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) have signed an agreement to align the country’s infrastructure development with industry and trade development.

“Wherever there are factories or manufacturing areas, they’ll make sure that the roads going there will have access. And if there are roads in place, they will improve and widen it. In other words, DPWH’s infrastructure program will be coordinated and aligned with the DTI programs,” Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez said yesterday following the signing of the agreement between the agencies.

To be called as the Roads Leveraging Linkages for Industry and Trade (ROLL IT) Program, the DTI and DPWH partnership will establish a working arrangement for both agencies to jointly undertake the planning, budgeting, advocacy for legislation, identification, and prioritization of industry-developing infrastructure projects in priority economic and manufacturing zones across the country.

The program is envisioned to further fuel the recent high growth of domestic investments as well as the surge in foreign direct investments of the country through more road projects funded within the Duterte administration.

The ROLL IT program is expected to leverage on the success and experiences of the Department of Tourism-DPWH Convergence which led to the upgrading of roads leading to tourist destinations.

The DTI said the creation of the program is timely because by next year, the DPWH would have paved most of the national roads and made permanent the national bridges.

“This would create the opportunity to utilize the projected substantial increase in the budget for infrastructure into the development of complementary networks of regional and local roads that will connect to, and optimize the use of, the improved national roads system,” the agency said.